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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Gets Immortalized With New Statue, Lithographs

If you thought Tweeterhead‘s Batman ’66 Yvonne Craig Batgirl statue was something else, wait until you get a load of the company’s upcoming Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman maquette. Capturing everything that was awesome about Pfeiffer’s memorable portrayal of Selina Kyle in Tim Burton’s 1992 sequel, Tweeterhead’s statue brings Catwoman’s ferocity, charisma and bad-ass attitude to life in great detail.

At 15.5″ tall, this is no small piece, but the 1/6 scale does offer Tweeterhead the ability to pack in a lot more detail in the costume. There’s a great deal of stitching to render, along with the threading on her boots. While the costume itself is rather plain, the paint app gets the patent leather/vinyl sheen right. Standing atop a miniaturized version of the Shreck’s Deparment Store rooftop, Catwoman stands at the ready with her whip poised to strike. It’s a familiar pose to anyone that’s seen the film, and you can almost hear her giving the security guards inside the store grief over how terrible they are at their jobs.

Like the Batgirl statue, this Catwoman will come with some limited edition lithographs if you purchase it directly through Tweeterhead’s shop. These won’t be mere concept art recreations however; the Catwoman lithographs will be original works created by Olivia De Berardinis specifically for this release. There will be two versions available, with one featuring Catwoman as she is early in the film coming with all maquettes. The other piece shows Catwoman from much later in the movie, after her costume has mostly been torn to shreds, and Pfeiffer’s golden locks are exploding out of the mask.

The standard statue with “Yellow” lithograph (9″x12″) will retail for $269.99. You will be able to add the “Red” lithograph to the order in a range of sizes and prices including 9″x12″ ($95), 18″x24″ ($195) or 30″x40″ ($750). The art will be printed on 500 gsm. rag art paper, embossed, hand-torn, and come signed and numbered by Olivia (with certificate of authenticity included, too).

Pre-orders begin on Tweeterhead’s site at 6PM PST on Wednesday, July 8. If you are not interested in the statue, but still want to get one of the lithographs, Tweeterhead advises that you email them, as they are keeping a list of people only interested in the Olivia prints.

SOURCE: Comics Alliance