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Gandhi’s great-grandson visits Wright State

The great grandson of an internationally known activist came to Ohio Wednesday to share his message with students.

Tushar Gandhi hosted a lecture at Wright State University about global health disparities in underserved communities. His great-grandfather, the late Mahatma Gandhi, was a world-renowned activist who used a non-violent approach to help India gain its independence from Great Britain.

Two of the topics Tushar focused on during his lecture were affording health care and hunger. He said while they are both big issues that India is dealing with; he knows that country is not alone.

“In cities like London and New York and Washington, I have seen the numbers growing,” said Tushar Gandhi. “The sightings have been more of homeless people, people scavenging for food, begging for food.”

Back home in India, Tushar Gandhi works with others to provide education and job training to help the people there become financially independent.

SOURCE: Spectrum News 1