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Bill Caskey

Business Strategist & Sales Coach | Author, “Same Game New Rules,” Host of The Advanced Selling Podcast

“I went from hating sales and thinking about getting out of it – to a sales author, trainer & coach helping thousands of sales people world wide master world-class skills and achieve world class results.”

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About Bill Caskey

Once an average salesperson troubled by sales anxiety and losses, Bill Caskey discovered that traditional sales training couldn’t remedy the persisting “sales” problem. After revamping his approach, he raised his own sales 350%. As CEO of Caskey Sales Machine, Bill aids frustrated businesses and CEOs, transforming lackluster sales teams into high-performing ones. Responsible for generating over $750 million in additional revenue, Bill exemplifies the power of reinvention. Sharing his experience further, he hosts ‘The Advanced Selling Podcast,’ an iTunes top 50 Marketing podcast with over 15 million downloads. If you are ready to leverage your God given talents and take your revenue to the next level you are in the right place.

Bill Caskey has been training and coaching sales professionals and leaders for 30 years. He has given over 10,000 lectures, training events and coaching sessions helping his clients with radical skill Improvement to increase results in their marketplace. His philosophies are counterintuitive and draw from ancient wisdom, developmental psychology, and personal brand building.

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Corporate business today has a dilemma. Most people in your organization know what to do, but they don’t do it. Internal resistance, lack of clarity of exactly how to do things. and a general resistance to new thinking is at the heart of the problem. Much of what holds us back is our limited image of “self.”

Psychologists tell us that “it’s impossible for us to act in a manner inconsistent with our self-image.” And this holds us back. Once we expand our image of who we are in the business world, our actions will become consistent with that.

In this talk, Bill gives 5 strategies that will expand what’s possible for your team by expanding their image of themselves.

Think what would happen to your teams if they not only knew what to do, but executed properly and consistently. Higher revenue? Improved profitability? A high performance culture? And the issue is quite simple to solve, if you have the right framework.

Whether you have a sales team, a business development group, or client success people, the fact is that everyone influences some thing or some body. It’s inexcusable for your people to not know exactly how to influence.

The fact is the word ‘sales’ scares people. But it shouldn’t. Bill has helped hundreds of companies reframe selling in the correct way. When you do, people will be on fire to deliver your unique message to the marketplace and generate the results that come from that passion.

Think what would happen to your business success if you could get everyone on your team better at communicating your company value and influencing customer decisions.

At some point, every market becomes a price market. But you’ve put too much value into your product, service and delivery to play the price game. It is a race to the bottom. Terrible for morale. And worse for margins.

In this presentation Bill highlights 10 Strategies that you can use to get out of the commodity dungeon, where only price matters – and command a premium for your unique value. You deserve it.


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Works by Bill Caskey

Same Game New Rules: 23 Timeless Principles for Selling and Negotiating

If You’re a Sales Professional . . . You are being hit with higher quotas, more responsibilities (more planning, project management, tracking of prospects and clients etc.) and non-selling activities. That means when you’re in front of your prospect, you have to be extra effective. Marketing departments aren’t providing the leads they should, so it’s left up to the sales team to generate their own leads. You must be part marketer, part relationship developer, part closer, and part CEO. You have your hands full with customers who want more for less and company people who still don’t see the value you bring. You have it extra tough. We’ll help. If You’re an Owner . . . You are looking to get paid more for the value that you’ve created in your business. Yes, you can continue to put systems in place that deliver more value for your clients and customers, but you also must have a system which helps your people translate the value you’ve already built. If you have 100 units of value but your sales team is only able to translate 70% of that, then you will see selling cycles lengthen, discounting continue, and you will experience a general under-utilization of your sales asset—your sales force. Everything in this book is written with the intent of helping you and your people develop a strategy for translating or communicating your value in a manner that helps you get paid for that value in the marketplace.

Make Your Sales Team Unstoppable: A Systematic Method for Creating an Unstoppable Sales Team in a Competitive Market

Bill Caskey has been training sales teams for over 25 years. His philosophy has fueled growth for companies worldwide. In this book, he shares ideas and strategies on how you can build and train your sales team to excellence in your market.

His core belief is, “How we think determines how we act – and how we act determines our results.” And until you get the thinking right, your results will be modest.

He starts the book asking the listener to identify the trends that are impacting them. This includes market trends, sales trends, and hiring trends. Then, he moves into strategies that you can adopt to navigate through the market jungle.

He concludes by delivering several training tips for the listener on how you can begin immediately to train your team, using some of the media that Bill uses with his clients.

This book is written for the CEO or VP of sales and acts as a guidebook for delivering high-impact market outcomes.