J’marie Moore

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J’marie Moore

Daughter of legendary boxer Archie Moore. She herself is a former Professional Boxer, Author, and Coach

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About J’marie Moore

J’Marie Moore is the first daughter of a famous boxer to fight professionally. J’Marie is a woman of faith and the daughter of legendary boxer Archie Moore. Archie was the longest reigning World Light Heavyweight Champion. J’Marie, better known in the ring as THE LADY MONGOOSE went 2-0 as a pro between 1997 and 2000. J’Marie has since retired from boxing. She put down the gloves and picked up her pen to tell her story. She has been working on her much awaited novel. which will feature stories of her childhood. Watching her legendary father “The Mongoose” fight in the ring and all that surrounds those moments. As a public speaker she can share what it was like being in a predominantly male driven sport and growing up having one of the most famous boxers as a father.